Red Max

Simonis-Voogd 63


Embark on a legendary journey with Red Max, a timeless jewel among the seven seas. Crafted in the Netherlands in 1999, this Ferrari of sailboats, designed by the renowned Simonis-Voogd design team, remains ahead of its time, standing as a true testament to high-tech sailing excellence.

Design Excellence:
Red Max bears the distinguished mark of her designers, the same geniuses behind the iconic "Warrior." The passionate owner, captivated by the sister ship's lines 25 years ago in Cape Town, reflects a story of enduring love for the sea. Both the Warrior and Red Max, standing proud, untouched by the hands of new owners, are a testament to the unparalleled sailing characteristics that ensure comfort and pleasure at sea.

High-Tech Sailing Marvel:
Red Max is not just a yacht; she's a super high-tech sailing machine. Built for speed, safety, and comfort, this HP Ocean Cruiser meets the latest demands of seasoned sailors. Equipped for racing, cruising, or shorthanded circumnavigation, Red Max is a bulletproof vessel that has proven itself on the open waters.


Meticulous Maintenance:
While a vessel of this caliber demands respect, Red Max has been diligently cared for. Rigged with brand new Carbon Hall Spars in 2009, the carbon rig will now undergo a thorough check and will be sprayed with clear coat, restoring it to its pristine condition. With comprehensive manuals and a track record devoid of major problems or damages, Red Max is a testimony to meticulous maintenance.


Your Adventure Awaits:
For the experienced sailor who loves high-tech innovation and dreams of cruising happily with friends and family, Red Max is the ideal companion. While some upgrades may be in order, the new owner has the canvas to imprint their personal touch and set forth on a customized adventure.


Recommended Upgrades:

 New Engine
The heart of Red Max is set to beat anew with a brand new engine. While the current engine still functions as it should, the prudent upgrade provides the next owner with peace of mind and the assurance of a reliable powerhouse for the seas ahead.

After a magnificent circumnavigation spanning more than eight years, Red Max is ready for a technological refresh. Outdated instruments make way for cutting-edge navigation and communication systems, ensuring that the captain is equipped with the latest tools to navigate the vast oceans.

Electric Wiring
To complement the new instruments, Red Max's electric wiring is undergoing a comprehensive overhaul. Modernizing the wiring not only enhances safety but also ensures seamless integration with the upgraded instruments, creating a sophisticated and reliable electrical system for the entire yacht.

Personal touches:
Red Max, now poised for her next chapter, invites the new owner to add their personal touch during these upgrades. Tailor the engine specifications to your preferences, choose instruments that align with your navigation style, and embrace the modern era of sailing technology.

Proven Legacy:
Max's legacy is etched in the stories of her owners, who, at 58 and 77 years old, circumnavigated the globe over 8 years. From the treacherous waters around Cape Horn to the serene beauty of New Zealand, Red Max has been a reliable partner, showcasing her functional design, ease of handling, and unwavering safety.

Embark on your own odyssey with Red Max, where the spirit of the sea meets the pinnacle of sailing craftsmanship. This is more than a yacht; it's an opportunity to write the next chapter of maritime history. Are you ready to set sail?